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Data Center

Servers and Storage

Server and Storage solutions are getting more and more important, as business continuity gets more critical nowadays.

In order to minimize the network downtime and decrease in speed and performance, and to have high efficiency with less cost, correct Server and Storage solutions are of great importance.

Virtualization solutions which ease the use of data and enable to get as much performance and efficiency as possible from the server infrastructure, help decrease the networking costs.

In order to have the highest possible performance and capacity, suitable analysis and strong technical knowledge are required. Sentrollers provides high quality, smart, scalable and flexible solutions


Among the leading business challenges confronting CIOs and IT managers today are: cost-effective utilization of IT infrastructure; responsiveness in supporting new business initiatives; and flexibility in adapting to organizational changes. Driving an additional sense of urgency is the continued climate of IT budget constraints and more stringent regulatory requirements. Virtualization is a fundamental technological innovation that allows skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to such business challenges.

Backup Systems

Copying of physical or virtual files or databases to a secondary site for preservation in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. The process of backing up data is pivotal to a successful disaster recovery (DR) plan.

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