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Smart Switche for home automation

Touch Screen wall control switch for smart home

Smart Home is the best product based on facts, it subverts the traditional concept of home life, and brought a new way of life. Selecting a smart home, it means that choosing another new home lifestyle - combining safe, comfortable, convenient living in one of the intelligent.

Touch Screen wall control switch Features

As a manufacturer of smart home, we give the customer one safe, stable, comfortable, convenient - humanity! Intelligence is actually convenient, easy, No Batteries and No Limit Need connect the null wire and fire wire.

Touch Screen wall control switch Advantages

Installing or Changing as you wish; Intelligent Centralized Control & Distributed Control; Environmentally Friendly; Energy Saving .

Touch Screen wall Control Modes

Lighting Control: Users can control a particular light On/Off by touching this lighting icon; Area Lighting Control/Area Control: Users can control a particular area lights On/Off by touching this area lighting icon; Area Control:The channels of different areas can be classified according to users' requirements. Scenario Lighting Control/Scenario Control: Users can shift different lights On/Off by touching the scenario lighting icon

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