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Smart Detector  Air Quality

Silence your smoke alarm straight from your phone. Instead of climbing on a chair or frantically waving a dishtowel, simply say quiet or use the Birdi app. In a real fire, you're connected to get the help that you need.

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. Not only do we alert you, loved ones, and the authorities in an emergency, we also warn you when we detect low-levels to minimize dangers to those most at risk: children and the elderly.

helps you track the health of your home. Whether it's dust, VOCs, temperature & humidity or how stale the air is. Outside, we track dangers like pollution, pollen and particulates. Plus we provide weather tips.

Replace that "dumb" alarm on your ceiling with the Roost Smoke Alarm. It connects to your smartphone to let you know of any issues while you're away

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